martes, 17 de junio de 2014

La Verdadera Historia de este SISTEMA esclavizante de la Humanidad por Michael Tellinger

 The Annunaki (Sumer) - Homo Capensis (Anthropological name - Crypto Humans (Mac Tonnies) - Paracas (South America) - Chitaurri (Zulu name) who were until recently thought of as Extraterrestrials cleverly introduced the monetary system to keep people enslaved once they became consciously aware of their physical enslavement. They thought we would be too stupid to work it out but here we are today, we've worked it out, we are piecing together humanity's true history and we are coming up with REAL and wonderful solutions to take care of one another and live in abundance WITHOUT money to enslave us. BTW, they are not extinct. Obviously it will be a process. First minting each country's currency with gold coins and then we will take it from there and humanity will decide their own destiny

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