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Terremotos causados por ?, extraños sonidos ? crear pánico con juguetes modernos?

Earth Groans Or HAARP Warfare? The Strange Sound Phenomenon

by Zen Gardner
This strange sound phenomenon is being reported more and more frequently from diverse places on the globe, and sometimes just preceding earthquakes. And not just by a few individuals, but by stadiums of people and even whole cities.
The day before the big Northeast quake in the US the weird sound was heard during a baseball game and caught on TV. (see below). It’s also been reported in Russia, Canada, also preceding an earthquake, and other locations.

What Is It?

Let’s do a little dot connecting. And by the way, if you’re one of those waiting for some government scientist or official to come out with the real story on this and the whole gammut of weird stuff going on you’re living in a dream world.
It ain’t gonna happen.
What we can do is look at the events themselves, compile what information we can, and put some ideas out there for discussion. I don’t pretend to fully understand anything, but I’m very eager to point out what appear to be “anomalies” and patterns happening in our world that seem to have serious significance.
And as many have found out, when you’re sincere and open and are passionate about your research and finding real truth, it usually paints a pretty clear picture!
(BTW, this is a bit of a video fest which I rarely do, but they’re all very short except the first one, but it’s a compilation and sets the stage quite well IMO.)

The HAARP Discussion

As a little aside to start, I’m a little concerned at what’s becoming a knee-jerk reaction by the so-called alternative community at the mention of HAARP anymore–that it’s overkill and bordering paranoid to always bring it up. Obviously not everything is attributable to HAARP technology, but can you blame anyone for not first looking at how some event was possibly caused or exacerbated by these evil elite PTBs or whomever?
That’s completely healthy and understandable. I say let people react as they will and if you must, answer with facts and with respect. When we start broad-brushing or judging and excluding each other based on one point, article or post it’s not a good sign.
Are we becoming our own truth Gestapo? Beware of anyone trying to stir things up and turn us on each other.
That’s a sure way to eat ourselves, as the old symbol goes…

Ouroboros can be taken different ways…

Call it HAARP or whatever…

Back to business: We don’t even KNOW all the stuff these megalomaniacs have.
But I’m more inclined to believe this strange sound phenomenon is artificially induced by the world’s mad scientists at these HAARP type facilities or some such vibrational tool, and that it’s these insane boys playing with their toys and seeing what they can produce. And it’s definitely not healthy.
But who knows what dastardly advances they’ve made that we have absolutely no knowledge of?
The monstrous CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland is enough to freak anyone out with its capability to literally implode the planet or open a portal to another dimension allowing who knows what to enter ours. These facts have been stated openly by their head researchers!…yet no one gets the significance and goes back to watching the ball game. Surreal.

The Woodpecker Phenomenon

We know as far back as the 70′s Russian electromagnetic pulse technology was causing a woodpecker type effect that was broadcast to the United States.
And they were even then concerned about the effect on the human brain. Imagine now, folks.
See Woodpecker video HERE
You can only imagine what this now super advanced ionospheric heating device and other technologies are capable of doing.

Examples of the “Strange Sound”

We do know it is very strange, and thanks to youtube it’s very well documented.

Here’s one compilation of a few events:

See compilation HERE

(Below) In the US this event recently took place…of course explained away as PA system feedback. As you’ll see it’s the same sound you just heard above…where there was no stadium, and no PA system…AND on the eve of the Northeast Earthquake!

Baseball game video HERE

(Below) Here’s another example. This strange sound is like the event at the baseball game and some of the other clips.


Another example, this time a little different high-pitched sound following a heavy chemtrail day with chemtrail rainbow–and 11 hours later the area was also hit with a 5.0 earthquake!

Canada clip HERE
You can find more examples of this on the internet. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


The fact is, at this point we don’t seem to know what’s causing this phenomenon for sure. That it’s in keeping with the potential of HAARP or EISCAT and similar Orwellian technologies is a fact. This we know just from the amount of disclosed information on the potential of these facilities admitted in the public domain and available via amassed amounts of patent documents.
That it can be the earth going through deep tectonic shifts as the magma moves according to the changes in our magnetosphere, or from the gravitational effects of changes in our solar system and beyond?
Very possible.

That mad scientists directed by the PTBs would screw with the magnetosphere and ionosphere to control the weather and planetary changes, either experimentally or with specific intent?
Also very possible.
Put ‘em together in various mixes and that could be what we’re experiencing. Some natural changes due to cosmic alignments, the solar cycle, changes in the earth’s magnetic pole and geothermal make up…and
Whack-job power freaks utilizing their fabricated forces in an attempt to co-opt nature for their own intentions.

Worse Yet – Mind Control?

Are these audible ranges we’re picking up at times symptoms of mind-altering frequencies as referred to in the first video above? This is the most nefarious of the PTBs’ arsenal of societal manipulation and incarceration: Mind Control.
This too has been documented as a definite potential use by electromagnetic broadcasting devices, HAARP and otherwise. The network of GWEN towers and cell masts is vast, and is believed to be now in use for just such purposes, as well as weather alteration and who knows what else.
But as the scientist said in the first video from the 70′s mind you, he believed they were using the frequency to “pacify”.
Now combine the electronic pulses with the fluoridated water, altered food and chemtrailed air. Think that might explain the absolute blindness of most of the world’s population and why everyone just rolls over as they’re being raped economically, politically, socially and literally? How DID they get away with something as blatant as 9/11? Making sense?
Lotta dots line up on that one. And if they don’t for you, you need to dig deeper, cuz you’re missing some serious pieces of the puzzle.
Whichever, we are definitely dealing with a rapidly changing earth environment, and seriously perverted entities in high places that are not helping, but seriously damaging ourselves, our environment and our home.
I’ll leave you with this haunting video. Be sure to watch it.

HAARP – A Sound That Can Kill

Profound music video HERE


What we think we know today can be radically altered by what we discover tomorrow. More than ever we need to stay open and alert. We’re each literally feeling our way through this maze and slowly finding out what is real and what is false.
If our perspective isn’t constantly changing and growing like the Universe, we’re stalled out and very likely getting discouraged, dogmatic, stubborn and fearful. When we’re on the right track we are happy, optimistic, loving and communicative, even in the face of the most horrible truths.
Be like a duck….cool and calm on the outside, and paddling like the dickens (for Truth) underneath. ;)
Love, Zen

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