miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

"Imminent Future"


You've heard it so many times, in so many different ways. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing, "reality is an illusion."

But what does that really mean?

The whole problem is that most of the people who say this have no idea what it really means. They simply say it because it sounds good, or they say it because they think it makes them seem more intellectual than they actually are.

This is a huge problem because you can't possibly understand this concept unless the person explaining it can truly understand it.

This one simple idea has the power to dramatically shift you to a state of enlightenment!

You'll begin to think differently just by knowing this information and pondering it. You'll begin to sense a deeper layer of the reality around you; a layer that was always there, but always just out-of-reach of your perception.

But in order to reach that level, it's crucial that this concept be presented in a way that your brain can fully grasp it. Once that's done, you'll progress and evolve faster than you ever thought possible

Un bello Poema de Física Cuántica !

    Según como mires

Según como mires el cielo,
será despejado o nublado.

Según como mires el sol,

te parecerá que quema o acaricia
con su cálido fulgor.

Según como mires la noche,

te parecerá negra o estrellada.

Según como mires el camino,

te parecerá llano o empinado.

Según como mires a los demás,

te sentirás cerca o lejos de ellos.

Según como mires el futuro,

será tu desánimo o entusiasmo.

Según como mires tu hogar,

lo verás pequeño, o cálido y confortable.

Según como trates a tus afectos,

recibirás de ellos todo su cariño.

Según como mires tu vida,

serás feliz.

Autora: Verónica R. Marengo

Fuente  http://www.godslastsecret.com/further-training

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